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 AI Aardvark  DC-9-30  repaints

Repaints available for the AI Aardvark DC-9-30 (that we are aware of)

Airlines with a RED background like this were painted by AARDVARK

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Using the filename as a search term usually will locate it for you.

Repaints posted after April 1, 2006 are not listed.

The repaints listed here are by no means the only repaints available.
We generally only list repaints that can be found at avsim or flightsim.com.
We do not list single files that contain more than one airline, or more than one aircraft type, nor do we list fictional repaints.

Paint kit for the AI Aardvark DC-9-30

Includes uncompressed bmp textures as well a layered Photoshop file for Photoshop users.
David Rawlins
aiadc9b2.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

AI Aardvark FS9/2004 Update

Includes updated FDE's, lightmaps, and models for all pre-FS2004 aircraft. Models include minor cosmetic improvements and optional reflective models.

These new models will also work in FS2002.

Includes models for:

757-200/300 & EMB120.

aiafs9up.zip (

Jonathan Barton
aia_dc930_1time.zip (AVSIM)
1Time Airline (Next Time)
Andrew Jarvis
1time_airline_(next_time)_douglas_dc-9-30_aia_fleet.zip (AVSIM)
Aero California (also includes dc-9-10)
Chris Warner
aia_aero_california_dc-9_pack.zip (AVSIM)
Aero California
Carlos Lopez
aia_dc_9.zip (AVSIM)
Carlos Lopez
texture.ser2.zip (AVSIM)
Paulo Mendonça
aerocaribe_aia_dc9-30.zip (AVSIM)
Chris Warner
aia_dc-9-30_aeromexico.zip (AVSIM)
Carlos Lopez
aia_dc9_amx.zip (AVSIM)
Aeromexico (1980's)
Sheppard Avery
am9sv2.zip (AVSIM)
Aeromexico (1980's)
Sheppard Avery
amd9sra5.zip (AVSIM)
Juan Sebastián González
aiadc9amx.zip (AVSIM)
Henrique Uslar
aia_dc_9_30_aeropostal.zip (AVSIM)
Aeropostal (new colors)
Raul Vidal
aardvarkdc930_lav_nc.zip (AVSIM)
Aeropostal (old colors)
Raul Vidal
aardvarkdc930_lav_oc.zip (AVSIM)
Aeropostal  "Venezuela la mejor opcion"
Raul Vidal
aardvarkdc930_lav_vlmo.zip (AVSIM)
Pietro Gebran
aia_dc_9_30_aeropostal_new.zip (AVSIM)
Aeropublica Colombia
Michael Pearson
aav_dc930_aerorepublica.zip (AVSIM)
Aero República
Cees Melieste
Aero República
Juan Sebastián González
aia_dc9_rpb.zip (AVSIM)
Michael Pearson
av93arep.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
African Express Airways
Christian Muenier
axk_dc93_aia.zip (AVSIM)
Air Aruba
Vladimir Svoboda (Cesmina)
aia_dc9ar.zip (AVSIM)
Air Canada
Cees Melieste
Airborne Express
David Rawlins
aiadc9ax.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Airborne Express (new)
Vladimir Svoboda
aia_dc30_abx.zip (AVSIM)
aid30abx.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Jamaica (1980's)
Sheppard Avery
jmd9snr.zip (AVSIM)
Air Memphis
Alex Campbell,
Billy Rutherford
air_memphis_dc-9-30.zip (AVSIM)
(AVSIM) (update)
Air Memphis
Billy Rutherford
amemp930.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Craig Crawley
aiadc9at.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Air West (Blue Mustard)
Gary J. Smith
dc930awr_bm.zip  (AVSIM) 
Air West (Green Blue)
Gary J. Smith
dc930awr_bg.zip  (AVSIM) 
Air West (Periwinkle Orange)
Gary J. Smith
dc930awr_po.zip  (AVSIM) 
Air West (Red Gold)
Gary J. Smith
dc930awr_gr.zip  (AVSIM) 
Fabio Marazzotta
a aia-dc9-30-alitalia.zip (AVSIM)
aidc93al.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Sheppard Avery
akd9s.zip (AVSIM)
Allegheny Airlines
Cliff Hawker
allegheny_dc-9-30.zip (AVSIM)
Allegheny Airlines
Brent Blackburn
bballegheny_dc_9_31.zip (AVSIM)
American Int'l Airways
Sheppard Avery
nid9srnr.zip (AVSIM)
Aserca Airlines
Raul Vidal
aardvarkdc930_oca.zip (AVSIM)
Aserca Airlines
Mariano Calev
aia_dc930oca.zip (AVSIM)
Aserca Airlines (fleet)
Adrie van Dijk
aserca_fleet.zip (AVSIM)
ATI (circa 1973)
Gary J. Smith
dc930ati.zip  (AVSIM) 
Austrian Airlines
Brent Blackburn
bbaustrian_dc_9_32.zip (AVSIM)
British Midland Airways
Ashley Flynn
aia_dc_9_30british_midland_airways.zip (AVSIM)
bmadc9.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Gary J. Smith
dc930cba.zip  (AVSIM) 
Cebu Pacific (3 liveries)
Vladimir Svoboda (Cesmina)
aia_dc9cb_1.zip (AVSIM)
Cebu Pacific
Michael Flahault
aia_dc_9_30_cebu.zip (AVSIM)
Cebu Pacific (fleet)
Steve Tran
cebu_pacific_dc9-30_fleet.zip (AVSIM)
Continental Airlines "Red Meatball"
Rich Fedorco
aia_dc_9_30co.zip (AVSIM)
Continental Airlines (Meatball)
Henry Tomkiewicz
coa_ai.zip (AVSIM)
Gary J. Smith
dc930dal.zip  (AVSIM) 
Delta Airlines (old)
Henry Tomkiewicz
dal_ai.zip (AVSIM )
Delta Airlines (old)
Henry Tomkiewicz
dldc930.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
DHL Cargo (new colors)
Rich Rodriguez
aia-dc-9-32-dhl.zip (AVSIM )
Dutch Caribbean Airlines
Steffen Wengorz
dc9dca.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Dutch Caribbean Airlines
Chris Warner
aia_dc-9-30_dutch_caribbean_airlines.zip (AVSIM)
East African Airways
Bob Hughes
east_african_dc9.zip  (AVSIM) 
Eastern Airlines
Henry Tomkiewicz
eal_ai.zip   (AVSIM) 
Eastern Airlines (bare metal)
Sheppard Avery
ea9sbmv2.zip (AVSIM ) (FLIGHTSIM)
Eastern Airlines (white)
Sheppard Avery
ea9swtv2.zip (AVSIM ) (FLIGHTSIM)
Eastern "Whisperliner"
Gary J. Smith
dc930eal.zip  (AVSIM) 
Evergreen International
Denis Schranz
Roger Martin
aia_dc9_c_30-fbi.zip (AVSIM)
Boback Shahsafdari
aia_dc9_finnair.zip (AVSIM)
Frontier Airlines (1980's)
Chris Rueter
frontier_dc9.zip (AVSIM)
Hawaiian (1980's)
Rich Fedorco
aia_dc_9_30_hawaiian.zip (AVSIM)
Hawaiian Airlines
Gary J. Smith
dc930haw.zip (AVSIM) 
Hughes Airwest
Michael Pearson
aia_dc93_haw.zip (AVSIM)
Iberia (circa 1971)
Gary J. Smith
dc930ibe.zip  (AVSIM) 
Inex Adria
Gary J. Smith
dc930iaa.zip  (AVSIM) 
Inex-Adria Aviopromet
Brent Blackburn
bbadria_dc_9_30.zip (AVSIM)
Interlink Airlines
Craig Sturdivant
aiadc930_interlink_airlines.zip  (AVSIM) 
JAT  (Yugoslav Airlines) (white)
Peter Pavlin
aiadc9jw.zip (AVSIM)
JAT  (Yugoslav Airlines) (1990's colors)
Peter Pavlin
aiadc9jo.zip (AVSIM)
JAT Yugoslavian (circa 1970)
Gary J. Smith
dc930jat.zip  (AVSIM) 
JAT / Jugoslovenski Aerotransport (1970's)
Brent Blackburn
bbjat_dc_9_32.zip (AVSIM)
Cees Melieste
Laser Airlines
Raul Vidal
aardvarkdc930_ler.zip (AVSIM)
Martinair Holland
Gary J. Smith
dc930mah.zip  (AVSIM) 
Midway Airlines
Henry Tomkiewicz
mid_ai.zip (AVSIM)
Midwest Express
Craig Crawley
aiadc9m2.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Midwest Express (1980's)
Sheppard Avery
med9srai.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Million Air Charter
Tony Fosler
aia_dc9-30_millionair.zip (AVSIM)
New York Air
Henry Tomkiewicz
nya_ai.zip  ( AVSIM )
North Central
Gary J. Smith
dc930nca.zip  (AVSIM) 
North Central Airlines (1970's)
Brent Blackburn
bbnca_dc_9_31.zip (AVSIM)
Northeast "Yellowbird"
Gary J. Smith
dc930nea.zip  (AVSIM) 
Northwest Airlines
Craig Crawley
aiadc9nw.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Northwest Airlines (new colors)
Federico Permutti
aia_nwa_nc_dc93_2.zip (AVSIM) (www.fsrepaints.de)
Gary J. Smith
dc930ozk.zip  (AVSIM) 
Ozark (1970's)
Brent Blackburn
bbdc930ozark.zip (AVSIM)
Ozark Airlines
Nick Botamer
ai_ozark_dc930.zip  (AVSIM) 
Playboy (Big Bunny)
Boback Shahsafdari
aia_dc93_playboy.zip (boback's website)
Republic Airlines
Paulo Mendonça
republic_aia-dc9-30.zip (AVSIM)
Republic Airlines
Henry Tomkiewicz
repdc930.zip (AVSIM )
Roundball LLC
Billy Rutherford
roundball_llc_dc-9-30.zip (AVSIM)
Royal Aruban
Tim Reijnaert
royal_aruban_d930_aia.zip (AVSIM)
Rich Fedorco
aiadc9sunking.zip (AVSIM)
Spirit Airlines
Chris Warner
aia_dc-9-30_spirit_airlines.zip (AVSIM)
Spirit Airlines
Jonathon Barton
aia_dc9-30_spirit_n131nk.zip (AVSIM)
Tim Reijnaert
texture.sje_-_sunair_-_dc9-30_-_sunbiz.zip (AVSIM)
Texas International
Sheppard Avery
ti9sv2.zip (AVSIM )
THY Turkish Airlines (1970's)
Brent Blackburn
bbthy_dc_9_32.zip (AVSIM)
Trans African Airlines
Michael Pearson
aav_dc930_transafrican.zip (AVSIM)
Transtel Sierra Leone
Paolo Teodori
dc9-30aia_transtel.zip (AVSIM)
US Air
Henry Tomkiewicz
usa_ai.zip (AVSIM)
US Air (bare metal)
Sheppard Avery
us9sbmv2.zip (AVSIM ) (FLIGHTSIM)
US Air (white)
Sheppard Avery
us9swtv2.zip (AVSIM ) (FLIGHTSIM)
US Air / US Airways
Jim Martin
jhmdc9us.zip (AVSIM )
US Air Force C-9A
Graham King
aai_c9a_76_as_usaf.zip (AVSIM)
US Air Force C-9 Nightingale
Craig Crawley
aiac9usa.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
US Air Force C-9 VIP
Boback Shahsafdari
aia_c9_c_usaf.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Dennis de Leeuw
aia_dc_9_30f_usa_jet.zip (AVSIM)
US Marine Corp C-9B
Tony Fosler
aiac9busmc10.zip (AVSIM)
US Marine Corp C-9B (VMR-1)
Graham King
aardvark_usmc_vmr-1_grey.zip (AVSIM)
US Navy C-9
Rich Fedorco
aiac9busn.zip (AVSIM)
US Navy C-9B VR-46
Rich Fedorco
aiac9busn46.zip (AVSIM)
US Navy C-9B/D VR-52
Rich Fedorco
aia_c9b_usn__vr52_1.zip (AVSIM)
US Navy C-9B VR-56
Tony Fosler
aia_c9b_usn_#56_0.zip (AVSIM)
US Navy C-9B VR-57
Tony Fosler
aia_c9b_usn_vr57_0.zip (AVSIM)
Paul Haak
aia_dc9_30_vja.zip (AVSIM)
Wimbi Dira
Billy Rutherford
wimbi_dira_dc9-30.zip (AVSIM)
wimbidc9.zip (