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Repaint requests.
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 AI Aardvark  DC-9-10  repaints

Repaints available for the AI Aardvark DC-9-10 (that we are aware of)

Airlines with a RED background like this were painted by AARDVARK

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Using the filename as a search term usually will locate it for you.

Repaints posted after April 1, 2006 are not listed.

The repaints listed here are by no means the only repaints available.
We generally only list repaints that can be found at avsim or flightsim.com.
We do not list single files that contain more than one airline, or more than one aircraft type, nor do we list fictional repaints.

Paint kit for the AI Aardvark DC-9-10

Includes uncompressed bmp textures as well a layered Photoshop file for Photoshop users.
David Rawlins
aiad91bl.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

AI Aardvark FS9/2004 Update

Includes updated FDE's, lightmaps, and models for all pre-FS2004 aircraft. Models include minor cosmetic improvements and optional reflective models.

These new models will also work in FS2002.

Includes models for:

757-200/300 & EMB120.

aiafs9up.zip (

1Time Airline (Next Time)
Andrew Jarvis
1time_airline_(next_time)_douglas_dc-9-15.zip (AVSIM)
Aero California
Francesco Zoja
aia_dc910_aero_california.zip (AVSIM)
Aero California (also includes dc-9-30)
Chris Warner
aia_aero_california_dc-9_pack.zip (AVSIM)
Aero California
Andrew Handsaker
aercald9.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Paulo Mendonça
a ia_aerocaribe_dc9-10.zip (AVSIM)
Aerolinee Itavia
Brent Blackburn
bbitavia_dc_9_10.zip (AVSIM)
Aeromexico (1970's bare metal)
Sheppard Avery
amd970v2.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Aeromexico (1980's)
Sheppard Avery
amd980v2.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Aeromexico (1980's)
Sheppard Avery
amdc9ra5.zip (AVSIM)
Aeronaves De Mexico
Gary J. Smith
dc910amx.zip  (AVSIM) 
Aeronaves de Mexico (1960's)
Brent Blackburn
bbaeronaves_de_mexico_dc_9_15.zip (AVSIM)
Airborne Express
Thomas Laven
aia_dc91abx.zip (AVSIM)
Air Canada (circa 1971)
Gary J. Smith
dc910aca.zip  (AVSIM) 
Air Florida
Sheppard Avery
qhdc9fnl.zip (AVSIM)
Air West (Blue Mustard)
Gary J. Smith
dc910awr_bm.zip  (AVSIM) 
Air West (Green Blue)
Gary J. Smith
dc910awr_bg.zip  (AVSIM) 
Air West (Gold Red)
Gary J. Smith
dc910awr_gr.zip  (AVSIM) 
Air West (Periwinkle Orange)
Gary J. Smith
dc910awr_po.zip  (AVSIM) 
Francois Massin
dc91_aji.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Ameristar Air Cargo
Frank Severino
texture.aji.zip (AVSIM)
Francesco Zoja
aia_dc910_aviacsa.zip (AVSIM)
Tony Fosler
aiadc91_aviacsa.zip (AVSIM)
Best Airlines
Sheppard Avery
iwdc9rai.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Bonanza Air Lines
Donald Smith
baldc9_tex.zip (AVSIM)
Bonanza Air Lines (1960's)
Brent Blackburn
bbbonanza_dc_9_15.zip (AVSIM)
British Midland Airways
Paul Haak
aia_dc_9_10_bma.zip (AVSIM)
Continental Airlines (Red Meatball)
Rich Fedorco
aia_dc_9_10co.zip (AVSIM)
cotexture.zip (AVSIM)
Continental Airlines (Meatball)
Henry Tomkiewicz
coa_ai.zip (AVSIM)
Gary J. Smith
dc910dal.zip (AVSIM)
Eastern Airlines
Rich Fedorco
aia_dc_9_14ea.zip (AVSIM)
Eastern "Whisperliner"
Gary J. Smith
dc910eal.zip (AVSIM)
Emerald Air
Sheppard Avery
oddc9rai.zip (AVSIM)
Emerald Air (Delivery Colors)
Sheppard Avery
oddc9del.zip (AVSIM)
Finnair (1980's)
Jarimark Neumann
aidc91ay.zip (AVSIM)
Hawaiian Airlines (1960's)
Brent Blackburn
bbhawaiian_dc_9_15.zip (AVSIM)
Hughes Airwest
Michael Pearson
aia_dc91_haw.zip (AVSIM)
Intercontinental de Colombia
Tim Reijnaert
aiaictd9.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Kitty Hawk Cargo Airlines
Rich Fedorco
aia_dc_9_10kh.zip (AVSIM)
KLM (circa 1969)
Gary J. Smith
dc910klm.zip (AVSIM)
Laser Airlines
Raul Vidal
aardvarkdc910_ler.zip (AVSIM)
Lineas Aereas Surmericanas
Ramon Morales Crane
lasdc910.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Imre Kiss
aia_dc_9_10_malev.zip (AVSIM)
aiadc91ml.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Midway Airlines
Henry Tomkiewicz
mid_ai.zip (AVSIM)
Midway Airlines (Delivery Scheme)
Sheppard Avery
mldc9dfx.zip (AVSIM)
Midway Metrolink
Sheppard Avery
mldc9lnk.zip (AVSIM)
Midwest Express
Craig Crawley
aiad91mw.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Midwest Express
Sheppard Avery
medc9rai.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Monarch Airlines
Adam Westwood
aia_dc9.zip (AVSIM)
Northwest Airlines
Craig Crawley
aiad91nw.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Ozark Airlines
Nick Botamer
ai_ozark_dc910.zip  (AVSIM) 
Gary J. Smith
dc910ozk.zip (AVSIM)
Francois Massin
pharmair_aia_dc_9_10.zip (AVSIM )
Republic Airlines
Henry Tomkiewicz
repdc910.zip (AVSIM )
Royale Airlines
Sheppard Avery
qqdc9rai.zip (AVSIM )
Scandanavian SAS (1960's)
Brent Blackburn
bbdc920sas.zip (AVSIM)
Southern (circa 1969)
Gary J. Smith
dc910sou.zip (AVSIM)
Southern Airways (1960's)
Brent Blackburn
bbsouthern69_dc_9_14.zip (AVSIM)
Southern Airways (1970's)
Brent Blackburn
bbsouthern78_dc_9_14.zip (AVSIM)
Spantax (1970's)
Brent Blackburn
bbspantax_dc_9_14.zip (AVSIM)
Swissair (1960's)
Brent Blackburn
bbdc910swissair.zip (AVSIM)
Texas International
Sheppard Avery
tidc9v2.zip (AVSIM ) (FLIGHTSIM)
Texas International (circa 1970)
Gary J. Smith
dc910tex.zip (AVSIM)
TAP   Transportes Aéreos Portugueses
Paulo Mendonça
tap_aia-dc9-10.zip (AVSIM)
Trans Texas Airways (1960's)
Brent Blackburn
bbdc910tta.zip (AVSIM)
TWA (1980's)
Chuck Ford
aiadc910twa_oc.zip (AVSIM)
TWA "Starstream"
Gary J. Smith
dc910twa.zip (AVSIM)
TWA (1960's)
Brent Blackburn
bbtwa_dc_9_14_1960s.zip (AVSIM)
USA Jet (white nose)
Dennis de Leeuw
aia_dc_9_10f_usa_jet_n199us.zip (AVSIM)
Dennis de Leeuw
aia_dc_9_10f_usa_jet_n194us.zip (AVSIM)
Girald Silvera
valu_dc9-10.zip (AVSIM)
Girald Silvera
valu_dc9-10_aia.zip (AVSIM)
West Coast Airlines (1966)
Brent Blackburn
bbwca_dc_9_14.zip (AVSIM)