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 AI Aardvark  767-200  repaints


Repaints available for the AI Aardvark 767-300 (that we are aware of)

Airlines with a RED background like this were painted by AARDVARK

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Repaints posted after April 1, 2006 are not listed.

The repaints listed here are by no means the only repaints available.
We generally only list repaints that can be found at avsim or flightsim.com.
We do not list single files that contain more than one airline, or more than one aircraft type, nor do we list fictional repaints.

General Electric PAINTKIT
Boback Shahsafdari, Peter Pavlin & David Rawlins
aia762ge.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)  
Pratt & Whitney PAINTKIT
Boback Shahsafdari, Peter Pavlin & David Rawlins
aia762pw.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
ABX (new colors)
Roger Martin
aia-b767-200_abx.zip (AVSIM)
Aero Continente
Jan van Hecke
aia_762pw_acq.zip (AVSIM)
Kaveh Payandeh
aia762ax.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
aia762nr.zip (missing non-reflective texture)
Airborne Express (PW)
David Rawlins
aia762xp.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Airborne Express (GE)
David Rawlins
aia762xg.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Airborne Express (new colors)
Arjen ter Avest
av76acao.zip (AVSIM)
abx762nc.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Canada
Peter Pavlin
aia762aca.zip (AVSIM)
aia762ac.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Canada
Shane Strong
aiac7672.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Canada
Michael Pearson
av76acao.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Canada (bare metal)
Federico Permutti
aia762aca_metal.zip (AVSIM)
Air Canada (bare metal)
Shane Strong
aiaacametal.zip (AVSIM)
Air Canada (New Colors)
Federico Permutti
aia_762aca_nc_fp.zip (AVSIM)
Air China
Peter Pavlin
aia762cca.zip (AVSIM)
aia762cc.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Gabon
Chris Warner
ai_aardvark_767-200pw_air_gabon.zip (AVSIM) ai76pgab.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Gabon
Alexis Solvay
aia_767_200_pw_agn.zip (AVSIM)
Air Maldives
Francis Roland
air_maldives_b767-200_(ge).zip (AVSIM)
Air Mauritius
Michael Pearson
aav_b762_air_mauritius.zip (AVSIM)
av76maur.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Air New Zealand
Peter Pavlin
aia762anz.zip (AVSIM)
aia762an.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Zimbabwe
Rick St.Pierre
aia_b762_azw.zip (AVSIM)
ai762azw.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
American Airlines
David Rawlins
aia762am.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
aia762nr.zip (missing non-reflective texture)
American Airlines
Henry Tomkiewicz
aalb762.zip (AVSIM)
America West
Michael Pearson
av76pawe.zip  (FLIGHTSIM)
Peter Pavlin
ai762ana.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Ansett Australia
Vladko Fejes
aia_b762_aaa.zip  ( AVSIM )
Avianca (new colors) Santiago Nauffal aia_767_200_ge_ava_nc.zip (AVSIM)
Avianca (new colors) William Prado cra_b762_ava.zip (AVSIM)
Avianca Colombia
Al Percy
aia_b762ge_avianca.zip (AVSIM)
ai76geav.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Avianca Colombia Kaveh Payandeh aia767avianca.zip (AVSIM)
Avianca Colombia (Alianza Summa) Juan Sebastián González aia_767_200_summa.zip (AVSIM)
ai762smm.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Avianca Colombia (Alianza Summa) William Prado aia_boeing762_avasumma.zip (AVSIM)
ai76avsm.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Avianca Colombia R.B. Painting Works ai_av76.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Peter Pavlin
aia762bal.zip (AVSIM)
aia762ba.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Bellview Airlines (Nigeria)
Jason King
aia_b767-200ge_bellview.zip (AVSIM)
China Airlines
Houting Chiang
ai762cal.zip (AVSIM)
Continental Airlines
Boback Shahsafdari
aia762ca.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Delta Airlines (75th Anniversary Retro Jet)
Bob Jarvis
aia_dl_retrojet.zip (AVSIM)
Delta Airlines (old/widget)
Peter Pavlin
ai762doc.zip (AVSIM)
Delta Airlines (1990's)
Boback Shahsafdari
aia762d2.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Delta Airlines (new)
Boback Shahsafdari
aia762d1.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Delta Airlines (The Spirit of Delta)
Boback Shahsafdari
aia762tsod.zip (AVSIM)
El Al
Peter Pavlin
aia762ely.zip (AVSIM)
aia762el.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Ethiopian Airlines
Rick St.Pierre
aia_b762_eth.zip (AVSIM)
EVA Airlines
Chris Warner
ai_aardvark_767-200pw_eva.zip (AVSIM)
ai76peva.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
EVA Airways
Chan Kwok Ho
aia762_eva.zip (AVSIM)
Excel Airways
Jonathan Barton
aia_excel_texture.zip (AVSIM)
Excel Airways (fleet)
Billy Rutherford
excel_airways_b762_fleet.zip (AVSIM)
Iraqi Airways
Michael Pearson
aav_b762_iraqi.zip (AVSIM)
av762irq.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Japan Airlines (old)
Oliver Richter
ai762jlo.zip (AVSIM)
Japan Airlines (new)
Oliver Richter
ai762jln.zip (AVSIM)
Kam Air
Billy Rutherford
kam_air_b762.zip (AVSIM)
kam762.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Kras Air
Dmitriy Neverov
aia_b762ge_krasair.zip (AVSIM)
Kras Air
Aleksey Lisitsyn,
Denis Schranz
ai762kjc.zip (AVSIM)
LAC - Bravo Airlines
Billy Rutherford
bravo_airlines_b762.zip (AVSIM)
LAM (Mozambique)
Rick St.Pierre
aia_b762_lam.zip (AVSIM)
ai762lam.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises Airlines
Michael Pearson
aav_b762ge_lac.zipp (AVSIM)
LOT Polish Airlines
Boback Shahsafdari
aia762lt.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
LOT Polish Airlines
Maciej Molik
b767_200_aia_lot.zip (AVSIM)
b762_lot.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Malev Hungarian Airlines
Boback Shahsafdari
aia762mv.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Roman Fedotov
aia762mxj.zip (AVSIM)
Midland Airways
Ashley Flynn
aia_b767-200_midland_airways.zip (AVSIM)
midab762.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Mario Coelho
b7672moz.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Nigeria Airways
Al Percy
aia_b762ge_nigeriaairways.zip (AVSIM)
ai76geni.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Philippines Airlines
Michael Pearson
aav_b762ge_pal.zip (AVSIM)
Private (N767KS)
Scott Rodgers
aia_767_200_ge_private_n767ks.zip (AVSIM)
Qantas Airways
Boback Shahsafdari
aia762qs.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Saudi Aramco Aviation
Billy Rutherford
saudi_aramco.zip (AVSIM)
aramco76.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Skymark Airlines
Rick St.Pierre
aia_b762_skymark.zip (AVSIM)
ai762skm.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Star Air (Maersk Air)
Kelly Freeman
aia_767_200_starair.zip (AVSIM)
Billy Rutherford
swe_fly_b762.zip (AVSIM)
Tampa Cargo (new colors)
Axel Sieling
aia767_200_tampa_cargo_nc.zip (AVSIM)
ai7672tc.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Tampa Cargo (new colors)
William Prado
cra_b762_tpa.zip (AVSIM)
Carlos Lopez
tampa762aardvark.zip (AVSIM)
Michael Brand
aith767.zip (AVSIM)
Billy Rutherford
thomsonfly_b762_fleet_pack.zip (AVSIM)
Thomsonfly.com (fleet/update)
Billy Rutherford
thomsonfly_b762_fleet_pack_update.zip  ( AVSIM ) 
Transaero Airlines
Szabó Attila
aia_transaero_airlines_b762.zip (AVSIM)
aitrns76.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Transaero (2 variants)
Des Stansfield
aia_b762ge_tso_2vars.zip (AVSIM)
Transaero (white/blue)
Des Stansfield
ai_b762ge_tso_blue.zip (AVSIM)
Transaero (white/blue)
Des Stansfield
ai_b762ge_tso_blue_158618.zip (AVSIM)
Transaero (white)
Des Stansfield
ai_b762ge_tso.zip (AVSIM)
Transaero (white)
Des Stansfield
ai_b762ge_tso_158617.zip (AVSIM)
Alexandre Alves
ai762tba.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
TWA (circa 1985)
Michael Pearson
aav_b762er_twa_1985.zip (AVSIM)
TWA (1990's)
Chuck Ford
aia762twa_nc.zip (AVSIM)
Henry Tomkiewicz
twa_ai.zip (AVSIM)
United Airlines
Craig Crawley
aia762ua.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
United Airlines (new)
Michael Pearson
aav_b762pw_ual_nc.zip (AVSIM)
United Airlines (fleet, early 80's)
Henry Tomkiewicz
ual_ai.zip (AVSIM)
US Airways
Boback Shahsafdari
aia762us.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
US Airways (PW) (new colors)
Hernan Anibarro
texture.usa_nc_181471.zip (AVSIM)
US Air (old)
Michael Pearson
aav_b762_usair_oc.zip (AVSIM)
av76usoc.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Peter Pavlin
aia762vrg.zip (AVSIM)
aia762vr.zip (FLIGHTSIM)