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Repaint requests.
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 AI Aardvark  747-300  repaints

Repaints available for the AI Aardvark 747-300 (that we are aware of)

Airlines with a RED background like this were painted by AARDVARK painters.

Can't find a file at AVSIM? Try using their file library's handy SEARCH feature!
Using the filename as a search term usually will locate it for you.

Repaints posted after April 1, 2006 are not listed.

The repaints listed here are by no means the only repaints available.
We generally only list repaints that can be found at avsim or flightsim.com.
We do not list single files that contain more than one airline, or more than one aircraft type, nor do we list fictional repaints.

747-300 Base Models
747-300 GE CF6-80 aia743b8.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

747-300 GE CF6-50 aia743b5.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

747-300 PWaia743bp.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

747-300 RRaia743br.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
747-300 Paintkit CF6-50
Peter Pavlin & Daniel DiBacco, Boback Shahsafdari
aia74350.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
747-300 Paintkit CF6-80
Peter Pavlin & Daniel DiBacco
aia74380.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
747-300 Paintkit PW
Peter Pavlin & Daniel DiBacco
aia743pw.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
747-300 Paintkit RR
Peter Pavlin & Daniel DiBacco, David Rawlins
aia743rr.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Atlanta Icelandic
Jens Dohrn
ai743_air_atlanta.zip (AVSIM)
Air Atlanta Icelandic (Europe)
Dave Wilkins
aia_b743_abd_tf-ars_dw.zip (AVSIM)
Alexis Solvay
Denis Schranz
ai743vda.zip (AVSIM)
Air France
Boback Shahsafdari
ai743afr.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Air India
Boback Shahsafdari
ai743aic.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Air Pullmantur
Brian Suter
ai743plm.zip (AVSIM)
Atlas Air
Daniel DiBacco
ai743gti.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Cameroon Airlines
Jens Dohrn
aia_743_cameroon.zip (AVSIM)
ai743cmr.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Cameroon Airlines
Alexis Solvay
aia_b743_uyc.zip (AVSIM)
Corsair 'Sea'
Phillip Tan
corssea.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Corsair 'Sex'
Phillip Tan
corssex.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Corsair 'Sky'
Phillip Tan
corssky.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Corsair 'Sun'
Phillip Tan
corssun.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Corsair (normal and 'sex')
William Dardelin
corsairskysex.zip (AVSIM)
Dragonair Cargo
Tony Fosler
ai743hda.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Egypt Air
Daniel DiBacco
ai743msr.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Focus Air
Karl Hannestad
aia_747_300_cf6_80_focus.zip (AVSIM)
Tony Fosler
ai743ibe.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Iberia/Air Atlanta Iceland
William Dardelin
aia743pwibeatl.zip (AVSIM)
JAL (fleet)
Hideki Ohbayashi
ai_b743_jal.zip (AVSIM)
JAL (old)
Daniel DiBacco
ai743jal.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
JAL (new)
Daniel DiBacco
ai743ja1.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
JAL (Reso'cha)
Johan Sohlin
jal_resocha.zip (AVSIM)
jal_reso.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
JAL (Reso'cha)
Phillip Tan
jalreso.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
JAL (old colors) Aki Matsumura aia_743_jal.zip (AVSIM)
Japan Asia Airways
Dennis de Leeuw
ai743ja2.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Michael Pearson
aav_b743_klm.zip (AVSIM)
av743klm.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Korean Air
Arjen ter Avest
aiab743kal.zip (AVSIM)
aia74kal.zip ( FLIGHTSIM )
Korean Air Cargo
Boback Shahsafdari
ai743fka.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Air India
Boback Shahsafdari
ai743aic.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Martinair Cargo (747-200 SUD)
Tony Fosler
ai743mph.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Orient Thai 'One-Two-Go'
Dennis Reuter
ai743oea.zip (AVSIM)
Pakistan International
Daniel DiBacco
ai743pia.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Pakistan International (Old Colors)
Chan Kwok Ho
aia743_pia_oc.zip (AVSIM)
Pakistan International Airlines (AP-BFY)
Azhar Munir
aia_b74367pia_bfy.zip (AVSIM)
ai747bfy.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Pakistan International Airlines (AP-BFX)
Azhar Munir
aia_b74367pia.zip (AVSIM)
Phuket Airlines
Billy Rutherford
phuket_air_b743.zip (AVSIM)
phuket.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Phuket Airlines
Scott Rodgers, Billy Rutherford
aia_747_300_phuket_air.zip (AVSIM)
Polar Air Cargo
Scott Rodgers
aia_747_300_polar_air_cargo.zip (AVSIM)
Boback Shahsafdari
ai743qfa.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Qantas 'Nalanji Dreaming'
Jonathan Barton
aia_qfnd.zip (AVSIM)
Saudi Arabian
Daniel DiBacco
ai743sva.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
South African
Johan Sohlin
south_african.zip (AVSIM)
s_africn.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
South African
Nicolás Steckl
b743_saa.zip (AVSIM)
Southern Air (747-200 SUD)
J.G. van Zuuk
ai743soo.zip (AVSIM)
ai743soo.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
Surinam Airways
Denis Schranz
ai743slm.zip (AVSIM)
johan sohlin
swiss_743.zip (AVSIM)
swiss74.zip (FLIGHTSIM)
TAAG Angola
Tony Fosler
ai743dta.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Daniel DiBacco
ai743tha.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)
Dennis Hut
texture.travelcitydirect.com.zip (AVSIM)
Jens Dohrn
ai743_varig.zip (AVSIM)