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 AI Aardvark  737-500  repaints

Repaints available for the AI Aardvark 737-500 (that we are aware of)

Airlines with a RED background like this were painted by AARDVARK

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Repaints posted after April 1, 2006 are not listed.

The repaints listed here are by no means the only repaints available.
We generally only list repaints that can be found at avsim or flightsim.com.
We do not list single files that contain more than one airline, or more than one aircraft type, nor do we list fictional repaints.

Paint kit for the AI Aardvark 737-500

Includes uncompressed bmp textures as well a layered Photoshop file for Photoshop users.
Also has a separate full body and tail .psd for ease in painting the multi-part fuselage

David Rawlins

aia735bl.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

AI Aardvark FS9/2004 Update

Includes updated FDE's, lightmaps, and models for all pre-FS2004 aircraft. Models include minor cosmetic improvements and optional reflective models.

These new models will also work in FS2002.

Includes models for:

757-200/300 & EMB120.

aiafs9up.zip (

Aer Lingus

Daniel DiBacco

aia735al.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

aerlingus.com (2 liveries)

Christian Schusters

aia735al.zip (AVSIM)

Aer Lingus

Michael Pearson

aav_b735_ein.zip (AVSIM)

Aerolineas Argentinas '55 años'

Denis Schranz

ai735arg.zip (AVSIM)


Michael Zelinsky

aia_b735_aerosvit.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Air Algerie
Al Percy
air_algerie1.zip (AVSIM)
Air Austral
Arjen ter Avest
aardvarkb735-airaustral.zip (AVSIM)

Air Baltic

Jonathan Barton

airbaltic.zip (AVSIM)
ai735jgz.zip ( FLIGHTSIM )

Air Baltic (YL-BBD, YL-BBE)

Thomas Laven

aia735bti2.zip (AVSIM)

Air Baltic

J.G. van Zuuk

aia_b735bti_jgz.zip (AVSIM)

Air France

Boback Shahsafdari

aia735af.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Air France

Alexis Solvay

aia735afr.zip (AVSIM)

Air Mediterranee

Victor Cabral


Air Nippon

Boback Shahsafdari

aia735an.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Air Nippon

MakotO Imamura

aia_b735_ank.zip (AVSIM)


Jens Dohrn

aia_735_aom.zip (AVSIM)

Asiana Airlines

Boback Shahsafdari

aia735asiana.zip (AVSIM)


Vencislav Nikolov

aia_737_500_balkan.zip (AVSIM)

Cees Melieste


Michael Pearson

aav_b735_belavia.zip (AVSIM)
av735bel.zip (FLIGHTSIM)

Blue Air

Michael Pearson

aav_b735_blue_air.zip (AVSIM)

British Midland

Frank van Brandwijk

aia_735_bmi_115566.zip (AVSIM)

BMI Baby (also includes 737-300)

Boback Shahsafdari

aia_737s_bmibaby.zip (AVSIM)

BMI Baby

Masakatsu Shimazaki

aia735bm.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

BMI Baby 'Visitwales.com'

Aleksey Lisitsyn

ai735bmibaby_visitwales.com.zip (AVSIM)


Daniel DiBacco

aia735br.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

British Airways

Boback Shahsafdari

aia735ba.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Bulgaria Air (3 versions)

Per Arild Sehl

ai735lzb.zip (AVSIM)


Shane Strong

cja7375ai.zip (AVSIM)

Canjet (v2)

Shane Strong

ai7375cja.zip (AVSIM)

Canjet (v3)

Shane Strong

ai7375cja.zip (AVSIM)

China Southern

Michael Pearson

aav_b735_csn.zip (AVSIM)

China SouthWest

Vladimir Svoboda

ai735_cxn.zip (AVSIM)

China Xiamen

Michael Pearson

aav_b735_cxn.zip (AVSIM)

Cirrus Airlines

Arjen ter Avest

aia735cirrus.zip (AVSIM)

Continental Airlines

Chris Warner

aia_b737-500_continental.zip (AVSIM)

Continental Airlines
Tony Fosler aia735co.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)


Daniel DiBacco

aia735cz.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Czech Airlines (80th birthday)

Andrew Langille

aia_b733_csa_80th.zip (AVSIM)


Federico Permutti

aia_735dba_fp.zip (AVSIM)

DBA (new)

Federico Permutti

aia_735bag_oyapk_fp.zip (AVSIM)

Egypt Air

Daniel DiBacco

aia735eg.zip (AVSIM)

Estonian Air

Daniel DiBacco

aia735es.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Fuerza Aerea de Chile

Oliver Richter

aia735fadc.zip (AVSIM)

Hapag Lloyd Express

Peter de Bock

aia735hlx.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Hapag Lloyd Express "Billboard"

Martin Landmann

aia735_hlxbillboard.zip (AVSIM)

Hapag-Lloyd Express

Denis Schranz

ai735hl3.zip (AVSIM)

Hapag-Lloyd Express 'D-AHLF'

Denis Schranz

ai735hl3.zip (AVSIM)

Hapag-Lloyd Express 'D-AHLI''

Denis Schranz

ai735hl4.zip (AVSIM)

Hapag-Lloyd Express (T-Mobile)

Denis Schranz

ai735hl5.zip (AVSIM)

Garuda Indonesia

Michael Pearson

aav_b735_garuda.zip (AVSIM)

Garuda Indonesia

Rinaldi Hanafi.

735ga.zip (FLIGHTSIM)

Georgian Airlines

Frank van Brandwijk

aia_735_geo.zip (AVSIM)

Georgia Airzena

Michael Pearson

aav_b735_airzena.zip (AVSIM)

Kartika Airlines

Ray J.Tamara

735_kartika.zip (AVSIM)

Lithuanian Airlines

Chris Bird

aia_737_500_lil.zip (AVSIM)

LOT Polish Airlines

Daniel DiBacco

aia735lo.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

LOT Polish Airlines (Star Alliance)

Tomek Markowski

aia_737_500_lot_staralliance.zip (AVSIM)


Boback Shahsafdari

aia735lu.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)


Christoph Sebek

aia_737_500_lufthansa.zip (AVSIM)


Denis Schranz

ai735dlh.zip (AVSIM)

Lufthansa 'Football'

Ashley Flynn

lufthansa__football_boeing_737-500_updated.zip (AVSIM)

Lux Air (also includes B734) David Madge aia_b737_luxair.zip (AVSIM)

Luxair (New colors)

Arjen ter Avest

aiab735luxairnc.zip (AVSIM)
ai73lxnc.zip (FLIGHTSIM)

Maersk Air

Boback Shahsafdari

aia735ma.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)


Kelly Freeman

aia_737_500_maersk_nc.zip (AVSIM)


Kelly Freeman

aia_737_500_maersk_nc_v2.zip (AVSIM)

Malev Hungarian Airlines

Boback Shahsafdari
aia_737_500_malev.zip (AVSIM)

Mekong Airlines

Karl Hannestad

aia_735_mekong.zip (AVSIM)

Nationwide Airlines

Frank van Brandwijk

aia_735_ntw.zip (AVSIM)

Alexandre Alves
ai735mnd.zip (FLIGHTSIM)

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Boback Shahsafdari
aia735norwegian.zip (AVSIM)

Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise

Des Stansfield

aia_b735_plk.zip (AVSIM)

Rio Sul (old livery)
Cees Melieste
Cees Melieste
Rio Sul VARIG 2
Cees Melieste
Rio Sul VARIG 3
Cees Melieste

Royal Air Maroc (4 liveries)

Peter de Bock

ram735aia_115199.zip (AVSIM)

Royal Air Maroc

Szabó Attila

aia_royal_air_maroc_b737-500.zip (AVSIM)

SAS Braathens
Federico Permutti
aia_735sas_bra_fp.zip (AVSIM)
SAS Braathens v2
Federico Permutti
aia_735sasbra_v2.zip (AVSIM)
Siberia Airlines
Jonathan Barton
aia735s7.zip (AVSIM)
Sky Europe Airlines
Vladko Fejes
sky735.zip (AVSIM)
Sky Europe 'Adriana Karembeu'
Aki Matsumura
aia735adriana.zip (AVSIM)
Sky Europe 'Zsuzsanna Laky'
Lukasz Pluta
aia_737_500_sky_europe_ha-lko.zip (AVSIM)

Arjen ter Avest

aia_smartwings_b735.zip (AVSIM)
aiasw735.zip (FLIGHTSIM)

Southwest Airlines

Boback Shahsafdari

aia735sw.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Southwest Airlines (Blue)

Boback Shahsafdari

ai735swa.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)

Southwest Airlines (Shamu)

Boback Shahsafdari

aia_735_shamu.zip (AVSIM)

Sterling / Maersk Air Hybrid

Kelly Freeman

aia_737_500_sterling_maersk.zip (AVSIM)


Federico Permutti

aia_tom735_fp.zip (AVSIM)

T-Mobile HLX

Martin Landmann

aia_b735_hlx_tmob.zip (AVSIM)

Tunisair 'Africa Cup 2004'

Jan Hebert /
Sami Ben Alaya

aia735_tunisair_ac2004.zip (AVSIM)

Turkish Airlines

Frank van Brandwijk

aia_735_thy.zip (AVSIM)

Turkish Airlines

Salim Unuver

b735_thy.zip (FLIGHTSIM)

Ukraine International

Frank van Brandwijk

aia_735_aui.zip (AVSIM)

United Airlines
(also includes "Shuttle by United")

Daniel DiBacco

aia735ua.zip (AVSIM)

United Airlines (part of UAL package)
Scott Sherman
uafleet1.zip   (FLIGHTSIM)
United Airlines (90's colors)
Rich Fedorco
aia_737_500_uao.zip   (AVSIM)
United Airlines (new)
Michael Pearson
aav_b735_ual_nc.zip (AVSIM)

US Airways

Matthew Garraway

n785au.zip (AVSIM) (FLIGHTSIM)


Kelly Freeman

aia_737_500_varig_rio_sul.zip (AVSIM)

Xiamen Airlines

Steve Tran

aia_xiamen_b735.zip (AVSIM)